For Heart-healthy Eating, Try Mediterranean

In early 2013, The New York Times reported on a scientific study that adds another bit of support to the link between a Mediterranean-style diet and heart disease prevention. Since the 1950s, we have known that people living in countries and regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea — Southern Italy, Greece, Spain — have less heart disease […]

Fight Stress with Healthy Habits

Most of us experience stress. The economy may be hitting hard. A lot of people worry about keeping their job. Raising kids can be tough. That is why it is so important to develop healthy habits for fighting stress. When you’re stressed, your body is on high alert all the time. As part of its […]

High Blood Pressure: What Can You Do to Avoid Medicines?

According to the latest guidelines of the Joint National Committee on the Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of Hypertension, anyone whose blood pressure is greater than 120 over 80 (120/80) should change his or her lifestyle to help avoid hypertension (high blood pressure). The higher number is called “systolic” and the lower number is “diastolic.” […]

Vitamin D and Prevention of Heart Disease

Vitamin D is vital for preventing rickets and building strong bones. Despite its importance, 30-50% of Americans do not get enough.  Individuals at highest risk for vitamin D deficiency are obese and dark skinned individuals. Some studies show that low levels of vitamin D in the blood (<30ng/ml) are associated with a greater likelihood of […]

Who’s Who in Diets for Heart Health

You’ve just found out that you have heart disease, or heart disease risk factors, and you want to change the way you eat. Eating for better heart health does not involve just one type of diet – several different approaches can help reduce risk factors and lessen the likelihood of a heart attack or other […]