Follow Up and Maintenance

The most effective steps to maintain a healthy heart are similar to preventing heart disease in the first place—that is, a combination of diagnostic testing and check-ups, lifestyle modification, and medication.

Testing & Check-ups

Proactive testing and regular check-ups are essential to maintain a healthy heart. Your doctor will discuss the frequency of heart exams and other tests—such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels—based on your specific condition. We also send helpful e-mail and/or voice mails to remind you of upcoming testing and check-up dates.

Lifestyle Modification

Our cardiologists work closely with our internal medicine specialists to help patients adhere to their customized program for healthy heart maintenance. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, family medical history, and stress levels are considered when creating an individualized healthy heart action plan.


Your doctor will prescribe a medication regimen, clearly detailing the dosage level, frequency, and other details to ensure that all medicines are taken properly. Your medications will be discussed at each check-up to ensure maximum effectiveness and to make any needed adjustments.