Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease has become the leading cause of death in women—accounting for more fatalities each year than all types of cancer combined. In fact, since 1984, more women have died of heart disease than men.

Fortunately, it is also the single most preventable cause of death in women. And we’re here to help.

Dr. Beniaminovitz, Dr. Bhagan-Bruno and Dr. Mona Kinkhabwala specialize in women’s heart health issues, as there are certain misconceptions and other factors that impact women in particular, such as:

Symptoms Difficult to Diagnosis

Women often have different, less obvious heart attack symptoms, such as prolonged fatigue or burning abdominal pain, which they dismiss as anxiety or indigestion, and therefore don’t seek the medical help they need.

It Won’t Happen To Me

Many women are too busy taking care of others (husband, kids, parents, job) to take care of themselves properly. Sadly, they often skip important tests and check-ups or don’t renew their prescribed medications that are essential to maintaining heart health.


According to the American Heart Association, the results of menopause—slower metabolism, weight gain, and high blood pressure—can increase the risks of coronary heart disease.

Minimizing Symptoms

Women seem to be able to “tough out” their symptoms better than men, so they often don’t get the preventive exams and follow-up care they need.

Dr. Beniaminovitz and Dr. Bhagan-Bruno are dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease in women by participating in community health fairs, writing articles on the topic, and giving talks to local women social and business groups.